Journey to the Source: An Expedition along the Yangtze River

Source: on-disc credits.

GRID MEDIA has been evangelizing the use of interactive multimedia in corporate and educational applications since 1989.

Journey to the Source is our first CD-ROM title which began as a concept in Spring 1992 when I met Howman; he gave me his book, "Exploring the Yangtze" as a gift. After reading the book three times, I found an overwhelming desire to recreate his experience in an interactive medium. The idea was to create an electronic coffee table book, one which would educate as well as to entertain.

Role Name
Production/Art Direction Cynthia Shiu
Art Direction/Interface design/slide and video editing Fred Mar
Programming Anno Tam
Thomas Yau
Denny Zhang
Quicktime Movies Thomas Chung
Introduction VO Chris Hilton
Epilogue VO Mimi Webster
Calligraphy Master Tang Hung
Music Benjamin Wang
Livesaver Ng Hang
Vendors who lent equipment Laser Computers
PacRim Technologies
Trend Enterprises
Universal Electronics
Thanks go Kodak (Far East) who sponsored the processing of Howman's slides on to PhotoCD.

Quicktime movies were created using Howman's Orginal VHS-C tapes; some of the source tapes were in b/w as a result of the video camera being damaged.

©1993, How Man Wong. Photographs/Video/Text

©1993, GRID Media Ltd. Program/Interface Design